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Butterflies & Bullfrogs

So I just came from my first piano lesson after having only ever taken a very brief semester of lessons in college. (click the title or image to read more)

The Story of the Painting x The Painting of the Story

When creative minds gather, beautiful things are bound to happen. Here, I'm honored to share with you a collaborative painting and story that came from such a gathering. (click the title or image to read more)

Sneak Peek: New Album Preview

It's only THREE DAYS away from the exclusive Minot release of my brand spanking new album and book (click the title or image to read more)

Tour, NEW Album, and Book Coming!

Full of promise. That is the phrase that comes to mind as I gaze into the wide open road stretched out before me. A world of possibilities awaits as I begin my first tour with the non-profit organization Worldview Warriors, sharing poems, songs, and personal stories of hope (click the title or image to read more)


To New York and Beyond...

It's official, I'm taking a bite out of the Big Apple! With my recent acceptance to the Tribeca Summer Arts Project, I bought my plane ticket, I'm packing my bags, and soon I'll be heading to New York City for three wild weeks in the "gorgeous mosaic." This is the true story of seven (click the title or image to read more)

STOP LIGHTS--Do you even have five minutes?

 hate stop lights. Pausing in my recklessly dangerous daily drive for even five seconds is often frustration enough for me to want to beat Lester Wire or James Hodge or whoever it was that invented traffic lights centuries ago. Especially when I'm in a hurry-- and I'm always in a hurry. I don't even have time to write (click the title or image to read more)

Sonshine Festival 2012

Coming home tired, broke, and extremely blessed--Sonshine Festival in Wilmar, Minnesota was a wild week of nonstop music, summer fun, and ridiculously nice people everywhere you turn. With VIP All Access (click the title or image to read more)