Multi-media Spoken Word Artist


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Challenge. Question. Explore. This is the journey Joe Davis invites the audience to take with him into the edges of expression. No topic is taboo if addressed with respect and sensitivity as he offers a perspective of light to even the darkest of themes. He defines poetry as “a rhythmic wrestling with truth” and confesses, “I am not a poet because I speak eloquently. I am a poet because I struggle desperately to express my soul’s deepest longings each and everyday—yet I never shy away from the fight.” And he communicates this struggle the most effective way he knows how, with words of passion and conviction, to unearth the truth and beauty that lives in us all.



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Presentations, fit for high schools or colleges, classrooms or auditoriums, include high-energy spoken word performances integrated with story telling to create poetry workshops where students can explore the art of the written and spoken word. With an English B.A. and over five years of tutoring student writers, Joe Davis bridges academia with personal experience as a touring performer, sharing his successes and "marvelous misadventures" to encourage audiences to move closer to their goals—whether it be simply writing a haiku or climbing Mount Everest, he aims to ignite and inspire a pursuit of purpose.



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Change is possible, but only if we unite a commitment to both words and actions.  Although you may be familiar with the old saying “actions speak louder than words”, Joe Davis asserts action and words should be on “equal frequencies”, inseparably reflecting each other through all we say and do. Because of this conviction, he not only continues to amplify the voices of the unheard through his poetry about empowering the marginalized and eliminating social injustice, but he also serves as a youth organizer and travels as an artist activist, creating forums for engaging conversations about our individual and collective responsibilities to make real change happen.