Anti-Bullying Campaign (KX News)

 Posted: May 15, 2013 8:18 PM on Minot KX NEWS

A Westhope girl is in Denver right now, hoping her trip will make her famous across the nation. She's waiting for word about making the list of contestants for a talent show broadcast on Fox Television.

Emily Medalen has the story.

Halle Khalifa is a normal 16 year old girl. She plays volleyball, basketball, and softball at Westhope High School, and likes to swim and run. But, Halle has a gift that makes her stand out...(Halle singing) (Halle Khalifa, Student/Singer) "I do focus a lot on my music and I do practice quite frequently. My sisters and my little brothers yell at me all the time. They're like, 'stop singing in the house!'"

Winning awards since age 11, Halle is getting recognized by more than just the local eye. A few weeks ago, her mother received an e-mail from the producers of the X Factor, FOX tv's reality singing competition. Halle jumped on the idea of trying out, and is scheduled to audition in Denver in May.

She says she is thrilled at the idea of a career in music, and wants to use her musical talent for a good cause.Recently, Halle met up with Joe Davis, senior at Minot State University. Joe and Halle share a passion for music, and standing up for victims of bullying. They decided bringing their music into an anti-bullying campaign would be a unique approach to reach out to teens.

(Jo Khalifa, Halle's Mother) "He's written a phenomenal song that really approaches that subject in a very positive good way." (Joe Davis, MSU Senior) "If I can just touch one person, make them think differently, make them feel differently, and just offer some sort of positivity into their life, then that's a success for me."

If the X Factor brings success, Halle plans to continue to use her talents to put out a good message. In Minot, Emily Medalen, KX News.

Halle should know any day if she passed the audition and made it onto the X Factor. If any schools are interested in Joe and Halle speaking about bullying, visit to contact the pair.