The Story of the Painting x The Painting of the Story

When creative minds gather, beautiful things are bound to happen. Here, I'm honored to share with you a collaborative painting and story that came from such a gathering.

Entitled "The Story of the Painting" or "The Painting of the Story", depending on your perception or which you see first, came to be as an impromptu exploration of creation and collaboration. The painting is by a group of leaders from Bend, Oregon, Chicago, Illinois, Detroit, Michigan, Fargo, North Dakota, Washington, D.C., and North Minneapolis, Minnesota. The story is written by Kristina L. Diaz and myself (and continues to be written through you). 

"Once upon a time 
there was a beginning and an end
And in the beginning 
there was darkness and fire and chaos 
and from the chaos
somehow there arose a semblance of order

And from the order 
came lines, forms, paths, shapes, and ways--

but not just one way, for there were many

The paths and shapes and ways were all interwoven and interconnected in beautiful and mysterious ways,

but those who traveled on the paths didn't always understand the interconnectedness 
and from that misunderstanding came brokenness 
and the travelers became lost and blind

Yet many of the travelers sought hope of healing and wholeness
and slowly, very slowly, some of the travelers began to understand 
and they awoke from their slumber 

They saw more than what was beneath their feet, but their gaze shifted to the sky and to that which was to their left and their right as well

In that seeing, they saw themselves in others 
and the paths were again revealed

And in this new knowing in these new ways, 
somehow they found so much more than there ever was even before the brokenness, 

they found their healing

And yet we cannot tell you how, 
for on the paths and the ways
there are shards of brokenness alongside healing and wholeness, 
and it is up to you, as the listener and the traveler, 
to discover these things along the way

We hope to see you there,
to cross 
paths with you someday

At this ending 
is just the beginning again. 

Our ending and our beginning, again and again...

Our ending and our beginning, again and again...