Butterflies & Bullfrogs

So I just came from my first piano lesson after having only ever taken a very brief semester of lessons in college. 

I kinda suck. But I can only get better with practice.

No one ever wants to suck at something, I thought to myself, but when a crawling baby is learning to walk do her parents humiliate her for not being able to walk? What about fledglings before they learn to fly or potatoes before they become delicious golden-brown tatter tots? No, we mustn't inhibit growth because of false expectations or challenging opposition, whether coming from ourselves or others. We have to keep on keeping on and continue to strive for excellence in the face of adversity! We must ever endeavor to transform unsightly, bewrinkled spuds into glorious tots of crunchy, fluffy goodness! Today, I learned more than the difference between a quarter note and a half note or how to play "Amazing Grace" with just the black keys. I learned not to squash the tadpoles and caterpillars before they become bullfrogs and butterflies. 

Peace be the journey!